Social Media


Over 175 million people log into Facebook every day. Your company needs to be there. Janet works with companies to build the right page, the right brand experience, cool Apps, increase fan following, and analyzes followers’ responsiveness. Janet can also manage your daily interaction for way less than the cost of a full-time employee.

Mobile Marketing

The new generation of customer interaction is SMS. Janet provides SMS marketing programs and Smartphone couponing to reach your customers and drive them to your business or website. Janet provides and implements editorial planning, messaging, and reporting.


Janet helps companies develop Twitter campaigns to get customers to respond. Janet develops messaging, manages tweets, customizes links to increase clicks to targeted pages, monitors and responds to online company dialog and reports back new opportunities for your business to push performance.

Geolocation Tools

Do you know where your customers are and what they’re doing? Janet helps companies utilize Geolocation tools to better understand your target audience and to drive them to a company’s website, location, event, or activity.

Online Apps

Janet works with companies to utilize (or build) online Apps to help companies improve their online experience, gather data, generate following, and support SEO efforts.

Blogging/Ghost Writing

Janet writes for organizations to increase product and/or service awareness, organic content, build online following and relationships, publish articles, and to enhance SEO efforts.


Janet helps companies maximize their business opportunities on other social media/networking sites (including, but of course not limited to, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Four Square, and SEO smart links) Podcasts, Graphics, Web Design and how it works with and impacts traditional marketing, branding environment, product promotions or on-site traffic.

Social Planning

Janet helps organizations build a social plan that works. She builds and implements plans to improve website performance, engages social media tools, and then blends them into traditional, sales, and lead generation marketing efforts to get results. Janet works with you to review your company goals and objectives. She listens and reviews your product or service offerings, sales initiatives and market growth strategies and she will deliver a plan with smart tactical tools that will take you to the next level.

Its’ one thing to create a plan, but Janet also helps you to launch, manage, and measure how your social media and traditional marketing efforts connect together to deliver results and help you meet your goals. Janet creates editorial calendars, promotions, and other measurable means to drive your business performance.

Janet can also create a plan that you and your team implement without the large overhead that so many consulting firms require.

See Janet Work has the tools to monitor the online scene, where your company fits into it, and she’ll keep you informed with the latest trends, Apps, new platforms, and cool ways to keep your company in the forefront.

Search Engine Optimizition

See Janet Work realizes the importance of your website and works with companies to ensure your website can be found. She works behind the scene to ensure that your website has current coding and that it functions at the highest effectiveness when algorithms change without warning.

Janet analyzes website performance and builds proper links, content and tags, navigation, ranking, URL branding, banner ads, email, and sponsorships to drive traffic.

See Janet Work delivers smart website infrastructure that joins forces with your social media/networking and your traditional marketing and sales efforts to drive revenue, increase referrals, capture customer data, strengthen consumer relations, and improve company organic performance.

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