Photo Booth

Have you ever jumped into one of those photo booths that takes four very random shots while you and your best friend are making faces and having a good time? Well, now you don’t have to wait, I am using this very fun, totally cool iPhone App called “Faceman” and I’m able to enhance photos that are on my phone.

It’s best described as a Photo Booth clone for iPhone, this lets you play around with various effects for photos. There are 20 effects included in the App and you can get it for $0.99. So worth it, promise!

A Vending Machine that knows what YOU want.

There’s a new machine in Japan that knows before you do what you want. Acure vending machine with tall, vertical eyes gazing around at people waiting for their trains is part of JR East Water Business Co., smart vending machines. My husband spotted one during his recent travels in Japan and at the Tokyo station.

What makes this vending machine smart (or a bit more interesting than models you see in the US) is that there is a camera above the screen that determines the age and gender of a person standing in front of it, which the machine uses to “subtly” offer demographically-targeted drink selections, as well as collect marketing data based on customer’s actual choices. Based on my research no identifiable images or information are stored. That point-of-sale marketing data is pushed to a central management server and used for future product creation, label design, and marketing launches.

What the information has gathered to date includes: Primary customers are men in their 20s and 30s. Predominately men (63%) interact with the vending machine. Men in their 30s start the day with canned black coffee and the same age group category of men who purchased energy drink purchased Lipovitan D in the morning, and Oronamin C and Red Bull in the evening to night. Mineral water and Pocari Sweat are bought most by men in their 30s after midnight.

The information gathered supports how JR East launches products and tests how the label is designed based on exposure to the target audience and actual selection of product.  Fascinating, don’t you think?

GeoReader and the City.

Recently I downloaded GeoReader to my iPhone because I’ve been in other markets and have had some free time and wanted to know whats around. The GeoReader is basically a tour guide inside your phone. As you approach a landmark, GeoReader will read aloud your approximate distance from a historical landmark and facts from its historical marker as long as the information has been put in the GeoReader databased by you or someone else.
I like it. I have found some interesting historical information during my stroll around such cities as Denver, Seattle, and Vancouver. It’s a free App. Click here to add this to your iPhone or Android.

Denver is Social [like we didn’t already know that]!

If you live in Denver (or the surrounding metro) you get social media and are more than likely very active on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn and the many other networks that we love. Now its been proven that Denver is all about networking. 

According to Men’s Health, Denver ranks #3 in social networking. Go Denver! Not surprisingly, Washington DC was #1 and Atlanta was #2. Men’s Health ranked the cities based on the number of Facebook and Linked in users per capita as well as overall Twitter usage.

Let’s keep the Denver market growing. If you want to connect, I’m in. Click here for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Keep Your Facebook Page Safe from Hackers.

New bells and whistles are being added to Facebook what seems like daily. Here is one that I think is outstanding and one you should apply to your Facebook page. You can sign up for Facebook HTTPS by going to Account Settings and then selecting “Account Security,” third from the bottom. Then click under “Secure Browsing” — if it’s there. Facebook says everyone should have this by the end of the day, but in the meantime you might be missing the relevant option toggle.