F8 Changes and YOU!

Last Friday, I like a million other people, watched as Mark Zuckerberg explained the changes that are and will happen with Facebook during the 2011 F8 Conference. It was exciting. I watched his presentation from my computer and took away these 5 things that will change on my personal Facebook page:

  1. Timeline: It’s telling your entire life on a single page.  You will now be able to share from birth on your life as you see it. You’ll be able to share more “stories” about what you’ve done in your life. You’ll be able to add important details of your life on your timeline and your friends can add too!
  2. Open Graph and APPS: Facebook wants the world to be more open and connected. They will be using APPS to help this become a reality. Now when we say “there’s an APP for that” we’ll really mean it. Facebook will be about APPS and how we use them to enhance our timeline. We will also use more APPS to share with our friends (there will be music, movies, books, and news sharing APPS).
  3. Ticker: No, we’re not talking about your heart – but do take heart in this new feature. The ticker is about getting little bits of information about what are friends are doing now and you can tap into what they are doing (example – listening to song “X”…you can now listen to it too). Facebook has partnered with Spotify and Netflix to help build this new connecting space.
  4. Feeds: It’s all about how and what you receive from your Facebook connections – you control. This is the most interesting piece that See-Janet-Work will watch over the next few months. How Facebook users control their inbound messages from the friends they connect to and the pages they like seems to be one piece from the F8 presentation that is a bit unknown. As Facebook stands today the deluge of information pushed to you by your connections on Facebook is something has annoyed many people. To be able to quiet inbound communications means we all have to be a smarter in what we say, when we say, and how we can keep on the “good side” of the millions of Facebook users.
  5. Express Yourself Visually: I think this new feature is my favorite. Facebook allows you to share more about yourself through pictures that are richer visually. A large photo will dawn the top of your Facebook page (and not the mini film strip). You’ll still have your profile shot, but this new photo element allows you to capture something more than a small photo of you. The photo album is becoming artistically more interesting with photos more in montage than just a simple, shall we say “snap shot” view.

These changes are not for the shy and/or private-sensitive person – or the person who already doesn’t have enough time to deal with Facebook. But the changes are coming (now and over the next few months) and if you want to stay in control of what you do on Facebook (and what others can access about you) then get prepared and recheck your privacy settings often.

Now to figure out and come up with solutions as to how this impacts how a business fan page will interact with these new changes.

Stay tuned more to come! Post your comments at


I only have so many hours in a day. But somehow I’ll have to squeeze in Google+. It’s like Facebook…but its not. My current understanding (which is growing rapidly since I’m in desperate need to know every detail about this program) we’re going to use Google+ to connect to people you know and then, like Facebook, you’re sharing information (and right now I’d say its 99% stuff I don’t really care if I know or you’ve already said it on Facebook).

But because I live and breathe social media, online trends and “circles” people talk in I’ve jumped into Google+ with both feet and I’m uncovering all that this platform can do and honestly, it’s alot. Right now I’m just building my “circles”. I’m madly connecting to people.

If you’re building your Google+ and want to build your circle connect with me. Most of the people I know are not using Google+ so I’m inviting people like mad. I don’t know what I’m going to do with these circles, but when I figure it out…I’ll tell you first.  

Next week…I’ll talk about the Google+, my circles, and the power of Huddle.

Unusual Facebook Partners Create an Experience.

The beauty of social marketing is that there are no boundaries. I love it when I hear about two unlikely partners coming together to enhance their online experience. The latest, Subway (7.9 million followers) and MTV (26.5 million followers). They have partnered together to promote the sandwich maker’s “Fresh Buzz” campaign.

Each month, the brands will select five musical artists and feature them via a tab on Subway’s Facebook page. We’re now able to listen to MP3s, watch music videos, obtain exclusive live performances and artist interviews, and engage with other Subway “likers” (which I’m proud to say…I’m one of them).

The other very cool thing is that MTV’s “Live in NYC” concert series will stream live on Subway’s Facebook page.

As a business owner you have to start looking at your social partners and how you can work together to enhance your online experience with your followers. Do you have a favorite partnership that you want to share? If so, let me know.



If you are a small business and you take credit cards, I have found the solution (well, actually my brilliant step-daughter did) to reduce your transaction fees by cutting out expensive third-party portals that charge ridiculous fees to set up, monthly fees to have the service, and then per fee transactions.

Squareup works on your mobile devise. It allows you to take credit card payments through a secure source and they only charge you 2.74% per transaction. It links directly to your checking account and they square up the next day. I just completed my first transaction and all I can say is love it.
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Don’t Walk and Text in Rexburg, Idaho.

The other day I watched a man in Downtown Denver walk up the 16th Street Mall texting without ever lifting up his head to see if he was about to bump into someone or something or better yet if he was about to be hit by oncoming traffic. Lucky to report, he didn’t.
But if this same scenario occured in Rexburg, Idaho that same man, texting God only knows what was so important that he had to ignore the entire world, would be fined $50 for his first offense and $150 per each  subsequent violations. Rexburg, a small college town in southeastern Idaho, may be the first place to ban texting while walking, but the team at See Janet Work don’t believe they’ll be the only city in America to take the stance. This could be a trend for future cities to make additional monies while saving lives. Because in Rexburg, Idaho there’s been any reported accidents due to walking and texting but it could happen so the city took a stance and made it in to law. So, what do you think? Do you think this will catch on and other cities will go this route?