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I only have so many hours in a day. But somehow I’ll have to squeeze in Google+. It’s like Facebook…but its not. My current understanding (which is growing rapidly since I’m in desperate need to know every detail about this program) … Continue reading

Unusual Facebook Partners Create an Experience.

The beauty of social marketing is that there are no boundaries. I love it when I hear about two unlikely partners coming together to enhance their online experience. The latest, Subway (7.9 million followers) and MTV (26.5 million followers). They … Continue reading


If you are a small business and you take credit cards, I have found the solution (well, actually my brilliant step-daughter did) to reduce your transaction fees by cutting out expensive third-party portals that charge ridiculous fees to set up, monthly fees … Continue reading

A Vending Machine that knows what YOU want.

There’s a new machine in Japan that knows before you do what you want. Acure vending machine with tall, vertical eyes gazing around at people waiting for their trains is part of JR East Water Business Co., smart vending machines. … Continue reading