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Author Box

An Author Box at the end of all your online work will connect you to what is being published online and will support how search engines recognize you (and your company) through search, social to help you convert traffic to … Continue reading

OMG Today’s Favorite App!

There are over 250,000 apps available for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch and every day seems to bring more new apps that are designed to simplify our lives, entertain us, keep us healthy, and more. Here’s my new favorite, OMG … Continue reading

Coupon Goes Here

As we test new ways to showcase how an APP works and it’s correlation to ROI, we’ve create this post. It’s just an example post.

Picture This!

I have to kick myself for not knowing about this new APP – my new favorite APP called Postagram – before my trip to Italy! I would have loved to have had it while touring through Tuscany! Postagram could be … Continue reading

SELF Magazine: Please don’t send me a “fit” request.

Conde Nast’s SELF magazine has launched a new way to get fit – it’s an online game that will be available March 19th. They believe its new “SELF Workout in the Park” Facebook game will help its target audience visualize … Continue reading