The Famous Janet

Janet Jerde (last name rhymes with “bird” or “word”….the “e” is silent)

Janet has over 22 years in marketing large corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and major shopping malls. Her insight in traditional marketing efforts has built household brand names, increased bottom-line profits, expanded market and product dominance, generated better lead flow, and has received both national and international claim.

As times have changed, so has Janet. She now lives and breathes social media and how it can work for any type of business. Janet understands the nuances from the new generation of social, online and mobile marketing and applies the latest trends to traditional marketing tools to create a bigger net that captures and retains more customers.

Every organization is unique and how you go to market in today’s tech-savvy environment will determine if you make it or not. Your game plan must be individualized (just like your customers) and applied to tools specific to your short-term and long-term goals. See Janet Work can help your business develop a solid plan, define the growth strategies, and provide the tools and resource to get the job done. Janet understands that staffing is tight, online Apps change daily, mobile marketing makes everything due yesterday, and having a simple way to get results is critical to your success.

This is why you must meet Janet.

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