Writer Block.

I talk non-stop to my clients about regular communication within their online platforms. At our company it’s called the Editorial Online Plan. Each month my team and I put together 30 to 40 plans specifically for each business. We focus on the key message points as it relates to their business objectives, public relations programs, products or service features…or whatever is their specific target. We layer everything into a comprehensive plan that shows how each platform is touched and linked and where the points of engagement occur.

Last night I looked at the See Janet Work website and I noticed that our last entry was March 15, 2012. I’ve been so busy planning everyone’s communication map to grow their business. I forgot ours. I will blame it on “writers block”.

So this morning after our team meeting we built our plan for the next 90 days. It was great to watch the entire team light up with excitement about how and what we will be saying and when we will say it. See Janet Work has a lot going on – from a new Google Local program to drive front-page Google placement, to APPs, to amazing case studies, and enhanced tracking mechanisms that we have added to how we manage our client’s online presence.

You’ll be hearing and seeing more from See Janet Work. We hope you enjoy.


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