Business Tip 101: Thank Your Employees

I spent the majority of my adult life working for someone else. I was always amazed at how little companies do to thank its employees. I remember thinking the annual “holiday party” really isn’t designed to thank staff for their dedication, creativity, sales, and commitment (especially when you’re stuck near the CEO of the company who’s drunk and hitting on a fellow employee – um, yuck). Although these annual festivities are nice, they certainly don’t create the atmosphere to recognize the individual impact each employee has to the company.

I told myself when I started my company three years ago that I would do things differently and I’m proud to say I am and I will continue to do so. Every week I identify a member of the See Janet Work team who has done something to help a client take a project to the next level, control costs, or brings to the table a new idea that will help keep our company ahead of the curve – and thank them. I will do so in person and/or in writing. A thank you note is all powerful.

By thanking them often and recognizing what they do as a member of our team to improve our business, I get even better results from them and for my clients.

While surfing the next I came across this video and I thought it had valid points worthy to share. A few former company leaders that I know should watch this and maybe learn a thing or two.


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