“Learn a Skill”: That’s What My Mother Always Said (the APP Economy must have been listening).

Back in the day when I was forced to learn to type (which now I thank my lucky 85 words per minute stars that I took the class) I’d complain to my mom how ridiculous I thought it was that I had to take a typing class when there were newer tools to use. My mother would shout out from the kitchen “Janet, you need to learn a skill so you can always take care of yourself.” So, as a good daughter I learned how to type.

Now 20 years later, Kids are not learning to type, but learning how to build APPS. And, rightfully so! The new App Economy is booming. A research from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business said that the proliferation of Facebook and mobile technology apps has given birth to a new industry and has added at least 182,000 new jobs. It was estimated to have contributed more than $12.19 billion in wages and benefits.

My life has come full-circle. Today I sat next to a young woman who is learning to build APPS (she’s amazing by the way) and she was complaining to me about learning some bit of technology that she said she’ll bet money on it being “archaic” next year. I told her having this knowledge of all different applications is a great skill to know and you’ll be able to handle yourself in future development meetings. I stopped and smiled.

All I could say to myself is….Oh crap, I’m my mother!

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