I only have so many hours in a day. But somehow I’ll have to squeeze in Google+. It’s like Facebook…but its not. My current understanding (which is growing rapidly since I’m in desperate need to know every detail about this program) we’re going to use Google+ to connect to people you know and then, like Facebook, you’re sharing information (and right now I’d say its 99% stuff I don’t really care if I know or you’ve already said it on Facebook).

But because I live and breathe social media, online trends and “circles” people talk in I’ve jumped into Google+ with both feet and I’m uncovering all that this platform can do and honestly, it’s alot. Right now I’m just building my “circles”. I’m madly connecting to people.

If you’re building your Google+ and want to build your circle connect with me. Most of the people I know are not using Google+ so I’m inviting people like mad. I don’t know what I’m going to do with these circles, but when I figure it out…I’ll tell you first.  

Next week…I’ll talk about the Google+, my circles, and the power of Huddle.

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  1. Egypt says:

    The paragon of understanding these isuess is right here!

  2. This is a truly good study for me, Must admit that you are 1 of 1 of the right bloggers I actually saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

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